Thanks for a great show! Check out CTO and co-founder Peter Wang at Strata NYC 2016, giving a tour of our Anaconda Booth: 

Sarah Bird and Bryan Van de Ven led the tutorial ‘Interactive Intelligent Apps in Python’ on Tuesday, September 27 from 1:30-5PM, and CTO & co-founder Peter Wang presented his talk Successful Open Data Science on Hadoop: From Sandbox to Production,’ on Wednesday, September 28, from 4:35-5:15PM. 

TUTORIAL: “Interactive Intelligent Apps in Python’

Python offers a rich ecosystem of tools to gather, manipulate, and analyze your data. Bokeh allows you to build powerful interactive data applications and link together accessible web-based visualizations with the power of your stack of Python tools (NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, requests, Scrapy, etc.) in just a few lines of Python code—no web programming required. When you want to collaborate or present your work to a wider audience, the Web is a universally accessible platform. Bryan Van de Ven and Sarah Bird demonstrated how to build intelligent apps in a week with Bokeh, Python, and optimization.

Read the full tutorial abstract here. 

TALK: ‘Successful Open Data Science on Hadoop: From Sandbox to Production,’ Peter Wang (@pwang

More and more, owners of Hadoop deployments find themselves faced with the new challenge of supporting data science ecosystems like Python and R, both adjacent to and within their Hadoop infrastructure. Although these technologies carry the promise of powerful data science insights, they can also be complex to manage and deploy. As people build out data science sandboxes and production environments, they discover a number of challenges ranging from basic package management and data lineage to reproducibility and governance of data science artifacts.

In this talk, Peter distilled the vast array of Hadoop and data science tools and potential architectures down to the essentials that deliver a powerful and lightweight stack quickly, so that you can accelerate time-to-value, while meeting your data science, governance, and IT needs. Throughout the discussion, Peter highlighted challenges and best practices—drawn from real-world customer use cases.

Read the full talk abstract here.