Continuum Analytics Product Manager Lance Ransom, also a form partner and CTO of Schonfeld Group, will present “Lighting Up Your Dark Data” at this year’s QuantCon in NYC on April 9 at 3:05PM EST. 

TALK – Lighting Up Your Dark Data, Lance Ransom

Quants are faced with a complex data environment. Data is everywhere and it’s increasingly challenging to analyze, explore and evaluate, all in one language and in one environment. Quants need a unified environment where they are able to write expressions and conduct pushdown processes, all without having to move the data and having the ability to deploy anywhere, anytime. Organizations need to better marshal the data and have visibility to conduct a clean transformation.

This session will discuss how businesses gain a better understanding of their data, leading to better results. In the FinServ industry, fluidity in understanding the data will help create better risk models and trading strategies. Ransom will discuss how organizations address these challenges and future proof their work.

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