Starting Friday, July 24th, the Continuum Analytics team will be in Washington state for PyData Seattle. Join us at the Microsoft Conference Center for three days of Python tutorials, talks, and social events.

We will have a table all three days of the conference, debuting newly branded materials, as well as brand new swag. Make sure to stop by to ask us anything about Python and Open Source.

We’ll also be answering questions regarding our new Series A funding. Feel free to come by and let’s talk about Python jobs with Continuum. See what co-founder and CTO Peter Wang had to say about this next step in our journey here.

Be sure to catch all the great talks from our developers. If you want to schedule a meeting with us, please email [email protected] See the full PyData Seattle schedule here.

Friday, July 23

Beautiful Interactive Visualizations in the Browser with Bokeh, Bryan Van de Ven, @bryvdv

Come see why Bokeh is the best Python visualization tool in this tutorial with Bokeh lead dev Bryan Van de Ven. See other blogs by Bryan here.

Dask: Out-of-Core Arrays with Task Scheduling, Matt Rocklin, @mrocklin

Introducing Dask, a task scheduling specification, and dask.array, a high-level abstraction that implements a large subset of the NumPy API with blocked algorithms. See more from Matt Rocklin here.

Saturday, July 25

Building TaxBrain: Numba-enabled Financial Computing on the Web, TJ Alumbaugh, @talumbau

In this talk, Continuum software developer TJ Alumbaugh describes the construction of TaxBrain, a web app deployed on Heroku that allows non-programmers to use the Open Source Policy Center’s Python package (“Tax Calculator”) that uses Numba to model the federal income tax code for policy analysis.

Memex: Mining the Dark Web, Katrina Riehl

Learn more about Continuum’s involvement with DARPA and the Memex project in this talk from Continuum Memex lead Katrina Riehl.

Anaconda Cluster Use Case, Peter Steinberg

See Anaconda Cluster in action in this Sponsor Talk presented by Continuum software developer Peter Steinberg.

Blaze and Odo, Phillip Cloud, @cpcloudy

Learn how Blaze and Odo work together by providing a symbolic computation layer (Blaze) alongside a graph of data converters (Odo) that enables users to move seamlessly between formats in the most performant way. Read more from Phillip Cloud here.

Sunday, July 26

Bokeh Dashboard Capability Use Case/Demo, Casey Clements, @cscruff

See how Bokeh can improve your visualization methods in Python in this Sponsor Talk from Continuum quantitative engineer Casey Clements.

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