Data Scientist Christine Doig will present her keynote ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Science’ at PyData Madrid, Saturday April 9 at 9:30AM! Come learn about Python’s rise to popularity and the current state of the Python ecosystem. 

KEYNOTE – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Science, Christine Doig (@ch_doig)

This talk is a “getting started” guide to the entire ecosystem, to help those struggling with navigating the waters. After the talk, attendees will be comfortable exploring on their own all the possibilities the community has to offer them. Each data science journey is different, the possibilities are infinite, figuring out which one is yours is on you. Follow your path, but get a map. This talk will be your start.

View the full abstract of the talk here. 

Continuum is the founding sponsor of PyData Conferences and is proud to have a presence at these important open source conferences all over the world. Our team looks forward to seeing our #AnacondaCrew in Madrid and talking all things Python, data science, and open source.

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