Dont’ miss both a tutorial and a talk from Sarah Bird at PyData Carolinas. Make sure to catch her ‘Getting Started with Bokeh‘ tutorial on Wednesday, September 14, at 3:30PM and her data visualization talk ‘Let it Shine—Telling Your Data Story‘ on Thursday, September 15, at 10:40AM! 

TUTORIAL: ‘Getting Started with Bokeh,’ Sarah Bird, @birdsarah 

Bokeh is a python interactive visualization library that uses web browsers for its presentation. Bokeh supports a wide variety of visualization tasks from basic exploration through to building advanced data applications. In this tutorial we’ll cover Bokeh’s basic concepts and go from plotting a scatter plot to building an interactive dashboard that can run a clustering algorithm from a dropdown – you’ll be surprised how easy that is.

TALK: ‘Let it Shine—Telling Your Data Story,’ Sarah Bird, @birdsarah 

You work for weeks, maybe months, on a new analysis: collecting data, cleaning it, extracting your features and modeling it, and you finally come up with some meaningful results… What happens next? How many people dig into and explore your work and your results?

Bokeh is a data visualization library that gives you the power of custom interactive visualizations that you can publish on the web, but lets you build them in python.


Continuum is the founding sponsor of PyData Conferences, and we’re proud to have a presence at these important open source conferences all over the world. Our team looks forward to seeing our #AnacondaCrew in North Carolina and talking all things Python, data science and open source.

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