Meet the Anaconda team at PyCon 2018! Taking place this year in Cleveland on May 9-17, PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. We’ll be at booth #731—swing by and say hello!


On Wednesday, May 9, Data Scientist Tom Augspurger, Software Developer Jim Crist, and Software Engineer Martin Durant will present a tutorial on Parallel Data Analysis with Dask. The libraries that power data analysis in Python are essentially limited to a single CPU core and to datasets that fit in RAM. Attendees will see how Dask can parallelize their workflows, while still writing what looks like normal Python, NumPy, or pandas code.

On Saturday, May 12, Lead Dask Developer Matthew Rocklin will present Democratizing Distributed Computing with Dask and JupyterHub. Matt will present a case study on using JupyterHub, XArray, Dask, and Kubernetes together in an operational setting. He will demonstrate how to build up and deploy a running system that the audience can then use to access distributed computing resources.

Tutorial: Parallel Data Analysis with Dask
Presenters: Tom Augspurger, Jim Crist, and Martin Durant
Wednesday, May 9
1:20-4:40 PM
Room 20

Talk: Democratizing Distributed Computing with Dask and JupyterHub
Presenter: Matt Rocklin
Saturday, May 12
10:50-11:20 AM
Room 26A/B/C