Co-founder and CTO Peter Wang, Bokeh developer Sara Bird and Dask core contributor Matt Rocklin will present talks on visualization at this year’s PLOTCON. Stop by the Anaconda booth to learn about Bokeh, Dask, datashader and more!

TALK: Making Data Science Accessible with Visualization, Sarah Bird, @birdsarah

Data visualization is one of the, if not THE most effective way to illustrate your analytics effectively. In this discussion, we will review lessons learned and techniques around bringing your data work to life by leveraging data visualization and the web. Interactive visualizations give data science teams the tools to explore, iterate on, and communicate their data to business analysts and other stakeholders. We will discuss real-life case studies from MIT and the Gates Foundation to convert pieces of specialized research and data science into mini interactive sites that allow non-specialists to understand that work and others to conduct a deeper exploration of the work.

In this session, we will highlight the solutions and technologies leveraged and techniques for applying these ideas to your own situation. And this isn’t for domain experts only, this session is designed to help people at all levels of experience with data visualization to tap the technology and see the benefits of a crafted narrative, interactivity, easy deployment and fast iteration.


TALK: Interactive Viz of a Billion Points with Bokeh Datashader, Peter Wang, @pwang

Visualization is oftentimes the best way to explore raw data. But as data grows to include millions and billions of points, traditional visualization techniques break down. Whether you’re loading the data into limited memory, or separating the signal from the noise when thousands of data points occupy each pixel, as data gets big, visualization gets challenging.

In this talk, Peter will describe an approach called “datashading” that deconstructs the classical infovis pipeline to place statistical processing at the heart of the visualization task. The result is a scalable, interactive system that is easy to use and produces perceptually accurate renderings of extremely large datasets. He will show the open-source Datashader library, which implements these ideas, and makes them available within Jupyter notebooks and Bokeh data applications.


TALK: Visualizing Distributed Computations with Dask and Bokeh, Matt Rocklin, @mrocklin

Matthew is an open source software developer focusing on efficient computation and parallel computing, primarily within the Python ecosystem. He has contributed to many of the PyData libraries and today works on Dask a framework for parallel computing. Matthew holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Chicago where he focused on numerical linear algebra, task scheduling, and computer algebra.


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