Continuum CTO and Co-Founder Peter Wang will be presenting his talk, ‘Interactive Viz of a Billion Points with Bokeh Datashader’ and Dask core developer Matt Rocklin will present ‘Parallelizing Data Science in Python with Dask’ at ODSC Boston this year. 

TALK: Interactive Viz of a Billion Points with Bokeh Datashader, Peter Wang (@pwang)

Interactive visualization is the best way to explore and communicate insights about data. Whether you are dealing with geospatial, time series or tabular data, interactive graphics allow everyone on your team, from analysts to executives, to understand the patterns in your data. As data grows to include millions and billions of points, traditional visualization techniques break down. Whether you’re loading the data into limited memory or separating the signal from the noise, as data gets big, visualization gets challenging.

Join us for this session and learn to visualize and explore your largest data sets in new ways with the innovative open source technology incubated by Continuum Analytics.  

Read the full talk abstract here.


TALK: Parallelizing Data Science in Python with Dask, Matt Rockling (@mrocklin)

This talk from Matt Rocklin will be on Sunday, May 22, at 10AM. 

The Python data science stack contains efficient algorithms with intuitive interfaces for sophisticated and friendly analysis.  As the data science community tackles larger problems with larger hardware we naturally ask how best to parallelize this software stack both across many cores in a single computer and across computers in a cluster. This talk lays out the benefits and challenges of parallelizing a numeric analytic stack, and then describes Dask, a parallel framework gaining traction within the Python community for interactive performant parallel computing, and finally goes through a few domains where this work is enabling novel science today.


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