Catch a talk from software developer, James Crist at MinneAnalytics Big Data Tech! James will be presenting his talk, New Developments in Scaling Python Analytics, at the Normandale Partnership Center on Wednesday, June 7th from 11am-11:30am.

TALK: New Developments in Scaling Python Analytics, James Crist

Due to its vibrant ecosystem and interactive nature, Python has become one of the top languages for doing data science. However, a common (and erroneous) gripe is that it doesn’t “scale.” In this talk, we’ll discuss tools and techniques for scaling Python performance both on a single machine and across a cluster. Attendees will learn about several exciting open source tools libraries, including:

Dask, a library for parallel and distributed Python computing
Numba, a JIT compiler for accelerating Python on both CPU and GPU

We’ll also discuss the larger Anaconda platform and how these tools fit into it to increase the productivity of your data science team. Come learn about the future of doing data science in Python!

See the full talk here.