The Continuum Analytics team is excited to be attending the INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research for the first time! We’re ready to show you how Anaconda can not only make your business analytics work, but empower you to collaborate, share and visualize all your data, across your entire team.

Solutions Architect Michael Grant will present ‘Anaconda: One Platform for Analytics, Modeling, and Applications’ on Monday, April 11 at 9:10AM EST in Regency 6. 

TALK – Anaconda: One Platform for Analytics, Modeling, and Applications, Michael Grant (@michael_c_grant)

In this talk, Michael will introduce Anaconda, the modern open source analytics platform powered by Python. He will demonstrate Jupyter Notebook for developing live documents integrating data, computation, visualizations, and text. You’ll see how your favorite optimization packages integrate seamlessly into this environment, replacing the traditional modeling framework. And once the models are set, he’ll show you how easy it is to deploy them to the desktop with rich visualizations and interactivity using Bokeh server.

Modern enterprises are demanding faster development cycles with greater flexibility that can meet the fast paced, ever changing needs of the world around us. Anaconda fuses together the phases — from data ingest to exploration through to deployment — eradicating the traditional data analytics bottlenecks and hurdles.

See the full abstract for Michael’s talk. 

Join us at booth #18 to learn more!

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