Catch labs and talks from co-founder and CTO Peter Wang, Director of Community Innovation Stanley Seibert and Software Developer Siu Kwan Lam at the GPU Tech conference. Peter and Stanley will present their talk Harnessing the Power of Anaconda for Scalable Open Data Science on Monday, May 8, from 3-3:50PM, and Stanley and Siu will present their lab CUDA Programming in Python with Numba on Wednesday, May 10, from 2-4PM.

TALK: Harnessing the Power of Anaconda for Scalable Open Data Science, Peter Wang (@pwang), Stanley Seibert (@seibert)

Many data scientists use Anaconda and Python to increase their productivity, but don’t realize they can leverage these technologies for scalable analysis. We’ll survey the landscape of Python tools that empower data scientists to take their work to the next level, harnessing the growing computing capability of GPUs and clusters. 

See the full talk abstract here. 




LAB: CUDA Programming in Python with Numba, Stanley Seibert, Siu Kwan Lam

In this lab, we’ll teach you how to do GPU-accelerated numerical computing from Python using the Numba compiler. Numba is an open source compiler that can translate Python functions for execution on the GPU, all without having to write any C or C++ code.

See the full lab abstract here. 




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