Philipp Rudiger and James Bednar will be presenting the talk ‘GeoViews: From exploratory analysis to custom GIS dashboards in a few lines of Python code’ at 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 16th. See the agenda here

TALK: GeoViews: Exploratory Analysis to Custom GIS Dashboards in a Few Lines of Python Code, James Bednar (@JamesABednar) & Philipp Rudiger (@PhilippJFR)

Open-source GIS tools generally focus either on interactive exploration or on building special-purpose static or interactive visualizations and dashboards, but there is little support for moving easily between these two common activities. GeoViews is a new high-level Python GIS library that allows the user to quickly explore and visualize large geographical, meteorological, oceanographic, weather, climate, and other real-world data. GeoViews puts tremendous power at the user’s fingertips both for exploratory visualization and analysis and for building custom, highly interactive dashboards. GeoViews natively supports various GIS data types, including raster, GeoJSON, gridded, and tabular data, working in synergy with other Python libraries like bokeh, matplotlib, and datashader to help you build interactive web visualizations and dashboards for even the largest datasets in only a few lines of code. 

See the full conference agenda here. 

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