Core contributor to the Bokeh and datashader libraries, Brendan Collins, will be presenting his talk ‘Exploring Continuum Analytics’ Open Source Offerings’ at the Esri Developer Summit on March 9, from 10:30-11:30AM. 

TALK: Exploring Continuum Analytics’ Open Source Offerings, Brendan Collins (@brendancol)

Continuum Analytics’ Anaconda is the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python the fastest growing data science language. Continuum sponsors several open source projects, which help empower GIS professionals. Bokeh, one of the open source projects, allows users to create interactive web visualizations using a variety of languages include Python, R and Scala. Datashader is a Python-powered, bin-based rasterization pipeline, which can help visualize billions of data points in a single image. Dask is a flexible parallel computing library, which helps scale your code from single-core to multi-core to multi-machine. Explore these exciting open source projects sponsored by Continuum Analytics in this Python-heavy session designed for GIS professionals.

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