Kristopher Overholt will present his talk ‘Unlocking the True Value of Big Data with Open Data Science’ at 4:15PM on June 3 at Big Techday 9. See his full talk abstract here

TALK: Unlocking the True Value of Big Data with Open Data Science, Kris Overholt (@koverholt

The high potential of Big Data Analytics is clear across all verticals and the industry, yet organizations still struggle to unlock its true value. Even with the latest distributed execution frameworks in the Hadoop ecosystem, they are challenged with leveraging Big Data, advanced analytics and computing power in their clusters. In this session, enterprises will learn how to leverage the power of Open Data Science to extract value and get high performance and interactive analytics from Big Data. Data Scientists will hear about how to achieve lightning fast processing of computationally intensive distributed analytics with Python to realize the full value of their Big Data.

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