Are you eager to explore the capabilities of an advanced analytics environment built around data science tools and technology, but lack the time or staff to deploy such a system?

Through this engagement, a senior Implementation Engineer will work on-site with your IT team to deploy an advanced analytics environment either on-premises or to the cloud. At the end of a two-week period, you will have a fully usable, six-month trial deployment of Anaconda Enterprise—including Hadoop, Python and R capabilities—that will be accessible by up to five users to evaluate the platform.

  • Rapid Deployment - After two weeks, you will have access to an advanced analytics environment with Anaconda Enterprise either on-premises or in the cloud
  • On-Site Implementation - A senior Implementation Engineer will work with your IT team on-site to complete this deployment
  • Six-Month Trial - You will receive a fully usable, six-month license for the full Anaconda Enterprise, available to up to five users to evaluate the platform


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