Anaconda Enterprise

Multi-user collaboration and one-click deployment of models, notebooks, and dashboards to production compute clusters — with all the security and governance IT teams need.

"GE data science is all about real-time collaboration. Our teams are scattered around the world, and we want to be able to collaborate in real time. We want to have a common machine learning platform that everyone can use for modern analytics, and set standards that everyone can follow. Anaconda Enterprise allows us to do this in a very efficient way." — Girish Modgil, Senior Director of Data & Analytics · General Electric

Why Data Scientists and IT Love Anaconda Enterprise

Collaboration (Low)
Anaconda Enterprise notebook collaboration


  • Centralized, browser-based notebook collaboration with versioning and access control
  • Integrated data science environments with Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLab
  • Manage and share data science projects and dependencies
Massively parallel Python deployments with Dask


  • Distribute Anaconda libraries across Hadoop and Spark clusters
  • Scalable distributed computation resources for project editing and user-deployed data science apps
  • Easily scale up or down by adding or removing cluster nodes
Self-Service Deployment of Models, Notebooks and Dashboards


  • One-click deployment of machine-learning models, self-service notebooks, and dashboards
  • Remote deployment to Cloudera, Hortonworks, or any other Hadoop / Spark cluster
  • On-premises or AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud deployment
Anaconda Enterprise Operations Center


  • On-premises data science package repository
  • Control packages, versions, and tools used by data scientists and analysts
  • License filtering and license audit reports
  • Event logging and auditing of package, project, and deployment activity
Security Standard
Anaconda Enterprise Admin Security Settings


  • Integrated with enterprise-grade identity providers: LDAP, AD, SAML, Kerberos
  • Secure network communications and end-to-end TLS/SSL encryption
  • Centralized user, group, and role management with ability to configure access control
  • Token-based access to deployed models and applications
  • Learn More: Anaconda Enterprise Security Highlights