Are you seeking a powerful and flexible way to create interactive data visualizations that integrate with your data science systems and workflows?

Anaconda Enterprise provides a platform on which you can easily create high quality interactive data visualizations. Start with simple visualizations during your exploratory phase and then quickly migrate them into visualization apps. These can then form dashboards or components that can be built into larger systems. Using Bokeh for web-based interactive visualizations and Datashader to automate handling of large dataset visualization, we will partner with you to develop specific visualizations and the visualization workflow required to manage the data stage, the visualization itself, and an appropriate mechanism to deploy it for wide-spread use.  We have extensive experience creating visualization websites and applications for TB-scale datasets, image processing and browsing, and geographic data.

  • Geographic Visualization: - Anaconda Enterprise provides you with flexible tile server integration, automated decimation, efficient data layering and aggregation
  • Web-Oriented - Interactive visualizations are created from a web-first perspective, supporting mobile, table and desktop browser views
  • Python-Centric - Create professional visualizations using only Python, but with the necessary hooks for CSS, HTML template or Javascript customizations


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