Are you ready to transform your legacy proprietary analytics platform and embrace the power of data science?

Following a comprehensive assessment of your current analytics environment, our team of senior data scientists will craft a tailor-made platform suitable to your available infrastructure and current needs and priorities. While the focus is to provide the best practice architecture for Hadoop, Anaconda, Python and R, our experts will also factor in the requirements for integrating, augmenting or migrating existing analytics tools and data sources such as SAS, SPSS, Matlab and storage systems. A dedicated engagement manager will work with you and your team to customize the design in order to cover the areas of greatest relevance to your analytics environment, and to help your team refine their understanding of the business objectives of an advanced analytics capability.

  • Comprehensive - Assessment of systems, staff and technology mapped into a tailor-made redesign of analytics architecture
  • Collaborative - Discovery sessions with your team to improve alignment
  • Clarifying - A clear statement of the business objectives for your advanced analytics environment


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