Continuum Analytics Appoints Scott Collison as Chief Executive Officer


Continuum Analytics Appoints Scott Collison as Chief Executive Officer

AUSTIN, TEXAS—January 17, 2017—Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, today announced Scott Collison as the company’s new chief executive officer (CEO). Collison, a successful entrepreneur and former executive at VMware and, also joins the Board of Directors to drive the strategy and operations of the company. Collison succeeds co-founder and fellow Board member, Travis Oliphant, who will shift his focus on accelerating innovation within the dynamic Open Data Science community and managing customer solutions as chief data scientist.
“During the past year, our company’s Anaconda product and services grew more than 100 percent. As the company’s co-founders, Peter Wang and I started to look for an executive to help us strategically guide our growth. We are delighted to welcome Scott; his entrepreneurial experience and open source background make him the perfect fit for our company’s mission,” said Oliphant. “My new role as chief data scientist frees me up to further our investment in open source technologies to advance the Open Data Science market and ensure customer success with Anaconda.”
Anaconda downloads from inception through the end of 2016 totaled more than 11 million, an increase of more than eight million from the previous year. The Python community is estimated at more than 30 million members and according to the most recent O’Reilly Data Science Survey, among data scientists, 72 percent prefer Python as their main tool.

“Continuum Analytics has experienced great success as evidenced by the millions of downloads, extraordinary product and services growth in 2016 and Anaconda becoming the de facto Open Data Science platform for tech giants including, Intel, IBM, Cloudera and Microsoft,” said Collison. “The data science market opportunity is pushing the boundaries at $140 billion and I’m excited to join the company and capitalize on my previous experience to manage this explosive growth and support its continued momentum.”
Collison previously held the position of vice president of Hybrid Platform at VMware and lifted the company’s high-growth cloud services business. Prior to that, he was vice president of Platform Go to Market at He was also instrumental in the sale of Signio (now a division of PayPal) to Verisign for $1.3 billion in 1999 and has held a variety of executive positions at both large software companies and startups, including Microsoft, SourceForge and Geeknet.

Scott Collison is a former Fulbright scholar and holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Arts from the University of Freiburg (Germany) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas, Austin.
Join CEO Scott Collison and the Anaconda team at AnacondaCON 2017, Feb. 7-9th in Austin, Texas––the two-day event will bring together innovative enterprises on the journey to Open Data Science. Please register here to take advantage of our current two-for-one promotion and discounted hotel room block.
About Anaconda Powered by Continuum Analytics
Anaconda is the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, the fastest growing data science language with more than 11 million downloads to date. Continuum Analytics is the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, empowering leading businesses across industries worldwide with tools to identify patterns in data, uncover key insights and transform basic data into a goldmine of intelligence to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Anaconda puts superpowers into the hands of people who are changing the world. Learn more at


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