Already using the Anaconda Enterprise platform but have mission-critical analytics libraries that are not available as conda packages?

Attaining your data science software environment through the trusted Anaconda Enterprise ecosystem is the best way to ensure portability, stability and reproducibility of your analytics workflows. If packages you are currently using or would like to use are not available as certified conda packages, we can work with you to create those packages using our battle-tested package build system and our experienced software engineers. Depending on the circumstance, the packages either may be created in ways that are unique to your organization, or provided as part of the publicly accessible set of certified packages.

  • Certified - conda packages built by our engineers come with assurance and indemnification
  • Optimized - Our expert software engineers are responsible for getting the best performance out of hundreds of data science packages. The package we build for you will get the same treatment
  • Compatible - We will build cross-platform packages that work with the complete Anaconda Enterprise ecosystem


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