Product Roundup: Free Notebooks,, and Snowpark Integration

The year is off to an amazing start at Anaconda! Each month, we expand our product capabilities to make it easier and faster for you to build and deploy secure Python solutions. And that’s how we’re now talking about our product—in terms of how it solves the day-to-day problems you encounter. We just updated our website to reflect this shift, and we’re in a continuous discovery process with people and organizations who need and use our platform to understand the challenges you face every day.

In the first quarter of 2023, we announced several significant product enhancements, most notably: free cloud-hosted notebooks, an integration with an industry-leading data analytics platform, and expanded controls for IT administrators to ensure security, compliance, and governance across their organizations. Here’s a quick roundup of these new features, which aim to make it easier for you—whether you’re a data practitioner, Python user, AI developer, or IT administrator—to work with Python, collaborate, and manage your projects more effectively. You get all of this in one platform.

Build Python Solutions—in One Central Place

Whether you’re developing models for deep learning or data analysis, Anaconda can help you get started faster and build Python solutions. You can create and share any Python application and choose from thousands of tools, packages, libraries, and repositories to leverage the latest innovations and techniques for your use cases. Sweetening the deal further, Anaconda gives you access to live and on-demand training for learning and upskilling. Here are our latest product updates to help you build faster with Python:

Free Anaconda Notebooks: Getting started has never been easier.

Now, you can code in the cloud for free with Anaconda’s preconfigured cloud notebooks, which give you instant access to hundreds of Anaconda packages through a full-featured Jupyter notebook interface. With an internet connection, you can access high computing power, move and host asset files, and spin up data science projects. Write and run Python code in the cloud, collaborate with others, and access your projects from anywhere.

Start coding in the cloud for free. Build and share web apps, with the browser as runtime.

Anaconda has launched, a free, open-source coding platform for creating web applications with Python-powered data interactivity and computation. We announced the PyScript project in April 2022 as a proof-of-concept and spent the last year making improvements. makes it possible to easily build and share web applications, and it uses the browser as a runtime library—meaning there’s no infrastructure required to build, host, and share your Python applications.

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Anaconda Learning: Access live courses.

We introduced live Anaconda Learning courses designed to help you use Anaconda and Python most effectively. We have live course offerings every month, so be sure to keep an eye on what’s upcoming. Anaconda Learning courses cover various topics, including data visualization, machine learning, and data analysis. Some of Anaconda’s on-demand training courses are available at no cost and can be accessed by anyone; others are available with Anaconda’s Starter subscription.

Explore live and on-demand Anaconda Learning courses.

Collaborate Seamlessly and Deploy Faster

One of the most common challenges we hear about is how long it takes to deploy, or to move into production the solutions that are built with open-source tools. With Anaconda, you get one platform to rapidly develop and deploy AI models, dynamic visualizations, and so much more. With one-click deployment, say goodbye to refactoring and DevOps delays. Sharing dynamic insights is easier, and you can ditch the static charts. Here’s our latest product update to help you deploy models faster:

Snowpark Integration: Access Anaconda and custom packages.

With Anaconda’s native integration, our partner Snowflake has enabled Snowpark for Python users to seamlessly access Anaconda repositories and custom Python packages. If you’re using Snowpark, this integration makes it easier to surface valuable insights faster, directly from your data stored in the cloud. Snowflake is just one example of the many Anaconda partners who have embedded Anaconda in their platforms to offer their users a more seamless experience.

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Secure Your Python Supply Chain

With Anaconda, IT managers and security teams have the power to stop vulnerabilities without stopping workflows. One platform allows you to ensure governance and security compliance across your Python software supply chain. Here’s our latest product update to help you secure your Python supply chain:

User Access Controls: Get visibility for security and compliance.

We’ve introduced role-based user access controls and group access controls, user audit logs, and channel-change logs. These features allow IT administrators to manage user access to projects, track user activity, and monitor channel changes. This makes it easier for individuals and organizations to comply with security and governance policies.

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Anaconda’s product updates are designed to make it easier for data scientists, machine learning engineers, developers, and IT administrators to work with Python, collaborate, and manage their data projects more effectively. Watch this space to see how Anaconda continues to grow as the most comprehensive platform for data scientists, data analysts, AI developers, and others who are using Python to build and deploy innovative solutions to challenging problems. You may also opt to receive regular product updates. And to learn more about how Anaconda can help you build secure Python solutions faster, schedule a demo today.

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