If you weren’t able to attend PyData NYC, or would like another opportunity to watch a talk or tutorial, you now have the chance.  Conference videos are posted on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/channels/pydata.

Talks, tutorials, and lightning talks were among the ten presentations given by Continuum team members.  Be sure and check out their videos below as well as the other great presentations given at PyData.

Francesc Alted gave a tutorial on PyTables.  He explained the basics of using HDF5 through PyTables and how it leverages HDF5 to allow Python to perform efficient computations over extremely large datasets that do not fit in memory.

Stephen Diehl spoke on Blaze, a next-generation NumPy sponsored by Continuum. It is designed as a foundational set of abstractions on which to build out-of-core and distributed algorithms.  He explained how Blaze generalizes many of the ideas found in popular PyData projects such as Numpy, Pandas, and Theano into one generalized data-structure.

Hugo Shi and Travis Oliphant taught a tutorial on SciPy that included an overview of the modules that are most relevant for data analysis.

Travis Oliphant also taught an Introduction to NumPy tutorial with Stefan van der Walt. 

Stefan Urbanek presented, Python for Business Intelligence, an introduction to business intelligence, data warehousing and online analytical processing with Cubes.

Continuum Lightning Talks

Numba – NumPy-aware dynamic Python complier – Travis Oliphant

Lightning Talk – Travis Oliphant – Numba

Lightning Talk – Cloud-hosted Analytics with Python – Hugo Shi and Peter Wang

Lightning Talk – Stefan Urbanek – Cubes and OLAP

Lightning Talk – Stefan Urbanek – Code Academy

PyData completely sold out in New York.  We’re expecting the same in Silicon Valley, to register: http://sv2013.pydata.org/.