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We are also pleased to announce the Wakari SciPy 2013 notebook gallery. Wakari is our web hosted interactive analysis environment. People will be able to view IPython Notebooks presented at SciPy and execute them in their own free Wakari account. If you would like your notebook to be included, please contact paddy.mullen[at]

Continuum employees who will be attending SciPy include: Travis Oliphant (CEO of Continuum, creator of NumPy), Mark Wiebe (Blaze Contributor), Francesc Alted (PyTables Author, Blaze Contributor), Ilan Schnell (Anaconda Architect), Jay Bourque (IOPro Author), Ben Zaitlen, Aaron Meurer, and Clayton Davis.

If you’d like to schedule a time to meet up, please send an email to [email protected].