Continuum Analytics, the premier provider of Python-based data analytics solutions and services, announced today that it has received approximately $3 million in research funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop NumPy, SciPy and visualization techniques for the interactive exploration of large, multi-dimensional data sets.

This funding is part of DARPA’s XDATA program, a research effort to develop new computational techniques and open-source software tools for processing and analyzing big data, motivated by defense needs, but applicable across many government agencies and other civilian purposes. Continuum Analytics has been selected by DARPA as a top performer in the technical areas of scalable analytics and data processing technology. The company will develop Blaze, Numba, and Bokeh to take NumPy, SciPy and visualization technologies into the big data domain. The funding is administered by the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY.

The team at Continuum Analytics, led by Dr. Travis Oliphant (CEO) and Peter Wang (President), is world-renowned for its Python and open-source expertise. The team has many decades of combined professional development experience in large-scale, distributed computing, array-oriented programming frameworks, scientific computing, algorithm development and graphics, and interactive data visualization. As part of DARPA’s XDATA project, the team will work on a new dynamic visualization system for interactive visual exploration of large, complex data sets. Using a novel Python-based approach, Continuum Analytics will address scalability, interactivity and extensibility at its core, while maintaining a simple conceptual model for non-programmer end users.

XDATA is a cornerstone of the government’s Big Data initiative, and we are excited to be a part of bringing open-source tools to the defense industry,” said Peter Wang, President at Continuum Analytics. “The tools we develop through this project will give DARPA a solid foundation for continued innovation in the rapid analysis and visual exploration of massive, interconnected data from heterogeneous sources.”

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