Michael Sarahan

Michael started as a scientist, working with image processing and instrument control for electron microscopes. Building software for these applications was so painful that Michael learned a lot and got strangely addicted to making packaging easier. Michael is currently the tech lead for the conda-build tool for creating conda packages, as well as the architect of Anaconda's next-generation automated package build system.

Box light tunnel

What’s in a Name? Clarifying the Anaconda Metapackage

The name “Anaconda” is overloaded in many ways. There’s our company, Anaconda, Inc., the Anaconda Distribution, the anaconda metapackage, Anaconda Enterprise, and several other, sometimes completely unrelated projects (like Red Hat’s Anaconda). Here we hope…

4.6.14 vs 4.7.4 overall speed

How We Made Conda Faster in 4.7

We’ve witnessed a lot of community grumbling about Conda’s speed, and we’ve experienced it ourselves. Thanks to a contract from NASA via the SBIR program, we’ve been able to dedicate a lot of time recently…