Jonathan Helmus

Jonathan Helmus is an scientist and software engineer at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, IL.  He is the lead developer of the Python ARM Radar Toolkit (Py-ART), an open source library for working with weather radar data. He is also the creator of nmrglue, and has contributed to many core scientific Python libraries including NumPy, SciPy and scikit-image.

Using Pip in a Conda Environment

Unfortunately, issues can arise when conda and pip are used together to create an environment, especially when the tools are used back-to-back multiple times, establishing a state that can be hard to reproduce. Most of…


Understanding Conda and Pip

Conda and pip are often considered as being nearly identical. Although some of the functionality of these two tools overlap, they were designed and should be used for different purposes. Pip is the Python Packaging…

Tensor flow abstract

TensorFlow in Anaconda

  TensorFlow is a Python library for high-performance numerical calculations that allows users to create sophisticated deep learning and machine learning applications. Released as open source software in 2015, TensorFlow has seen tremendous growth and…