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Empower the world with data literacy.

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Our mission is to empower people with data literacy to ask better questions and make better sense of the world. Want to help? Sign up to participate in user experience (UX) research at Anaconda.

Your feedback can help the more than 30 million people who use Anaconda. You can influence tools for students, practitioners, and businesses. Plus, be the first to see Anaconda’s new products.

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First, read about our privacy policies. Then, share some information about yourself. The sign-up process takes less than 10 minutes.

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We need all skill levels and you do not need to be a current Anaconda or Python user. We want our products to work for everyone, and we’re especially interested in hearing from people who have been historically underrepresented in tech.

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What it’s like

You can join remotely. You don’t need to attend in person. For some projects, you need a strong internet connection, and others require a webcam. You might fill out a survey, test a sample product, or be interviewed by a UX researcher.

Most people who participate will receive a thank-you gift. And everyone who takes part will be helping the global data science community.

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Our products are for everyone, so anyone might be a match for our research program. We’re looking for everyone from brand-new members of the data science community to expert Anaconda users. We’re especially interested in hearing from people who are underrepresented in tech.

You don’t need to come to Anaconda to participate. We can do everything remotely. You do need a good internet connection to take part. Some research also requires a webcam.

We will contact you when a project matches your profile. Some projects need very specific types of participants, and it may take some time to find the right match. We will send you instructions on how to participate. We will never sell your email address or use it for marketing purposes. We only conduct user research on Anaconda products and Python.

Inclusive research is higher quality research. We use your answers to make sure many different people are represented in our research, so that we can serve many different people with our products. Questions about your identity are optional.

Email the User Experience Research team at [email protected]. We will remove your information from our database.

Email the User Experience Research team at [email protected]

In a usability test, you’ll complete specific tasks using Anaconda’s websites or products. Then a researcher will ask you about your experience.

Interviews are conducted remotely with Zoom and last 45-60 minutes. User research interviews are recorded and we may ask you to share your screen while using an Anaconda product. We will contact you by email to schedule a time if you are chosen to participate.

Surveys allow us to quickly learn from many people at one time. They usually have 5-15 questions and your answers will be anonymous in the final data set.

Compensation varies based on the difficulty and time it takes to participate in the research. Potential compensation ranges from gift cards from major online retailers to exclusive Anaconda merchandise.

Email your questions to the User Experience Research team at [email protected].

You can start participating in user research by filling out this form. Thank you for helping the data science community!