The Anaconda Skills Accelerator Program (ASAP) is a professional development residency program that accelerates scientists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers into data science careers. This highly selective program brings together educated people of diverse backgrounds to tackle challenging real world projects. Anaconda's world-class team of experts provides instruction and mentorship. Participants will use advanced tools and pragmatic techniques across a broad set of technical areas such as data management, analytic modeling, visualization, high-performance computing on multi-core CPUs and GPUs, vectorization and modern cluster and distributed computing techniques such as Spark and Dask.

Participants emerge from this residency program as Certified Anaconda Professionals (CAP) ready to tackle challenging data science and data engineering problems in business, science, engineering, data analytics, data integration and machine learning. They will be eligible for consulting and placement opportunities through Anaconda.

Advantages to CAP Designation

  • Consulting and placement opportunities with Anaconda clients

  • Membership to the CAP Alumni Association 

  • Individual subscription to premium Anaconda packages usually only available as part of Anaconda Workgroup or Anaconda Enterprise 

  • Complimentary one year subscription to priority Anaconda Support (only available for companies who put their teams of three or more through the program)

  • A fifty percent discounted pass to the annual Anaconda conference 

Program Qualification Criteria

Applicants should have:

  • a Master's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or Engineering or a related undergraduate degree with 1–2 years of work experience in a programming-related position. In rare cases, the degree requirements may be waived, but evidence of competency in probability theory, linear algebra, and foundational mathematics is required.

  • working knowledge of at least one high-level programming language such as Python, R, Matlab, etc.

If you’re not sure your background and experience are a good fit for the program, please check the ASAP FAQs or send your questions to [email protected].

Admission Process

The admission process consists of an online application, a take-home entry exam and at least one telephone interview. The complete admissions process should take no longer than 4 weeks.

The Entry Exam

Passing the entry exam requires a basic understanding of probability theory (e.g., random variables, Bayes’s rule, etc.), linear algebra (e.g., linear systems of equations, linear operators, vector spaces, etc.) and Python programming (e.g., core programming constructs, common data structures, array- and table-oriented computing, etc.).

Program Requirements

To successfully complete the program and earn the Certified Anaconda Professional designation, residents will:

  1. Complete one of the following Anaconda courses (including a final exam):

  2. Complete two of the following Anaconda deep-dive courses (including a final exam):

  3. Provide evidence of a substantial enhancement or modification submitted and accepted into an open-source project with thorough, usable documentation that you have written

  4. Complete a CAPstone project working together with one or more Anaconda mentors

NOTE: Residents may satisfy any of the requirements above by providing suitable evidence of commensurate experience or training and passing the relevant exam.

Open Source Projects

Residents may choose any open source project available in theAnaconda repository. If a resident does not have a preference, we will help them select one of Anaconda’s affiliated open source projects such as NumPy, SciPy, scikit-image, scikit-learn, matplotlib, Jupyter, or pandas, or we will help the resident contribute to one of Anaconda’s direct open source projects, such as Numba, Dask, Blaze, Conda, Bokeh, PhosphorJS, Jupyter extensions, DyND, etc.

Time Commitment

We expect residents to establish their own pace to complete the program requirements up to the CAPstone project.  This should take between 3-6 months, depending on course and resident availability. CAPstone projects, which in many cases will be paid internships, can last between 3–12 additional months, and full-time commitment will be expected for many projects.


The courses and exams can be completed remotely. We encourage applicants from all countries to apply. However, some CAPstone projects will require being onsite at a customer’s location, most of which are in the United States.

Program Cost

The total cost of the program is $5000 USD. These amounts exclude state and local tax.

Payment Plans

Once accepted to the program, $5,000 USD will become due. We allow you to break up your program payment into two installments. We ask for a 50% down payment but can work with you to establish an alternate payment plan in special circumstances. After you submit a down payment to confirm your spot, we will work with you to confirm payment dates for the remainder of your tuition.

Methods of Payment

We accept online payments with credit card. You may also pay by PayPal, wire transfer or check. To make arrangements or if you have any questions related to payments, please email [email protected].


[email protected]

Mailing Address for Checks:

Anaconda, Inc.

221 W 6th St., Suite 1550

Austin, TX 78701

Refund Policy

If you need to withdraw from the program at any point, or if you are unable to pass a course exam after 2 attempts, we will work with you to determine a fair refund amount, dependent on how many courses and exams you have completed. Once all 3 courses and exams are completed, no refund is available.

Have more questions?

Check the ASAP FAQs.


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