Anaconda + JupyterHub

Unleash innovation with a completely customized, integrated, and on-premises JupyterHub instance. Take ownership of your assets. Empower your data scientists. Govern workflows to your standards.

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Behind Your Firewall

Anaconda Server + JupyterHub

Give IT the ownership and governance of company assets they need and data scientists the tools they love. Our on-premises implementation of Anaconda Notebooks is a completely customized, tightly integrated JupyterHub instance.

Benefits of Integrating JupyterHub with Anaconda:

  • In-house: On-premises JupyterHub instance
  • Hassle-free: Authentication, shared environments, storage, and access to computing resources are all set up for you
  • Secure: Configured to use the secure and trusted packages from your Anaconda on-premises repository
  • Fully supported: Ongoing support and maintenance provided by Anaconda

Single-point of control for process, project, and asset ownership.

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