All action in Anaconda videos is simulated - special effects and props are used to insure realism
of the action for the purpose of artistic view of the director - producer and to entertain the viewer
Anaconda videos depict the artistic view and imagination of the production director.

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  AP#49 "Total Destruction" Video clips - Members.
The two of them jump him like wild mountain lions. Surprised by this vicious attack, he tries to defend himself with all his power. Sometimes he even gets the upper hand, but not for long, They wrestle him to the ground and start brutally beating him to a pulp. They gleefully continue their onslaught. Poor Alex suffers through a bow and arrow, blows to the head, kicks to his body and face (full power, nothing fake), body drops, and full weight double trampling and jumping. ORDER NOW








  AP#48 "Trample Dungeon" Video clips - Members.
Mistress Shadyee comes back to her dungeon, this time to trample two slaves instead of one. She needs two slaves for her devilish plans. She keeps one of them in a cage until she is done with the other. The caged slave watches what she does to her poor victim with horror, knowing he is next to satisfy her appetite. She is dressed in black leather boots, a leather miniskirt, and a tight leather top. Shadyee is a big woman, almost a head taller than her slave is. You can imagine the pain Alex suffers when she tramples on him full weight with her seven inch thigh high boots. ORDER NOW








  AP#47 "Tight Squeeze" Video clips - Members.
Amateur Angela contends with tough Pro Kristie in this sexy and thorough trashing, wrestling match. Fabulous is much too tame a word to describe these flesh feasts of destruction. More than the ultimate in feminine figures these girls bring fire to the fight. Yes, from the beginning there is hair dragging. You will see hard breast destruction, culminating in a mutual breast death hold, where the shapely mounds of Angela's flesh are clutched by Kristie's strong digits. Equally in the grasp of pain are Kristie's large, tender breasts as Angela's strong fingers dig into her flesh. ORDER NOW

  AP#46 "Domestic Violence" Video clips - Members.
Alex gets the beating of his life. She lands punch after punch, kick after kick, and slaps his face with all her might. Her kicks are absolutely devastating. You will think you are watching a kick boxer in a full contact match. Time after time Alex is flying in the air, landing headfirst on the concrete floor. Before he can get up, she is all over him stomping, kicking, and punching his head, torso and the rest of his bruised body. His fighting back makes "K" even more furious. She throws him on the floor so hard, you can hear an echo when his head hits the concrete. She jumps on top of him and starts to trample all over his body. Imagine his pain when this 130 LB girl crushes his head with both feet under her full weight, trying to crack his skull against concrete. ORDER NOW

  AP#45 "Trample Lesbians" Video clips - Members.
SEXY BLOND Randy Storm and Saki are two lesbians who really hate men. Tony is stupid enough to pick them up from a women only bar. They take him to their place promising him a good fuck. What they mean was that they are going to fuck him up their way, not the way he wants them to. At the beginning they tease him sexually, but all of a sudden kicks and punches are landing on confused Tony. He finds himself on the floor screaming. He is begging from this painful ordeal. These two mean psychos only love to fuck each other, and dominating a man only adds to their pleasure. High heel trampling, kicking, jumping on his chest and the rest of his naked body gives them orgasms. ORDER NOW

  AP#44 "Toy Boy Torment" Video clips - Members.
Imagine a very short guy about 4'9 doing the session with Angela, 5'9, solid, 140 pounds. There is complete domination. You will see one of the most amazing S&M sessions you can imagine. The difference in size makes this video very unique. Angela is …NUDE… through the entire video, and she does a great job face sitting and dominating this short guy. His small body is subjected to abuse by face sitting, trampling and total crushing until he begs for mercy. ORDER NOW

  AP#43 "Under Her Heels" Video clips - Members.
Mistress Saki is a new exotic addition to "Anaconda" videos. She is, 5'8 tall, and weighs about 130 pounds. Saki brings a very different and sexual approach to dominating men. This beautiful seductress is nothing short of evil. She tramples him for an extremely long time under her sexy high heels. The trampling is so intense, you will feel sorry for poor Walter, but because he is tied down, there is no way to stop this EXOTIC Asian beauty from inflicting severe pain and damage to his helpless body. Many close-ups will prove how hard she stomps and kicks him. ORDER NOW

  AP#42 "Brutalized" Video clips - Members.
Kicking, stomping, trampling, face name it; you will think he is made of rubber. Two very mean women are going at him for an entire hour with the most brutal kicks and punches you have ever seen. It's amazing this guy survives this attack. To add to the excitement, he is short, maybe 5'2 tall, and these girls are at least 5'9 or bigger. This guy is fighting them with all his might, but he is to small to make a difference. They are set to dominate him, to punish him in every possible way, and make his puny body suffer under their formidable asses. This video has great face sitting and smothering action mixed with very hard trampling and kicking. ORDER NOW

  AP#41 "Heels of Pain - Part 2" Video clips - Members.
Sadistic Mistress Eva is back with more vengeance than ever. This poor slave is subjected to trampling you can imagine. Eva is a woman who enjoys what she does to the man who was stupid enough to cross her path. He is forced to accept her punishment. You can see her face showing pleasure, while standing on the guy who is squirming under her feet. She is constantly moving from side to side, and you can see her face showing a complete lack of feeling for him. The strutting shows her contempt for the man and how much she knows he is suffering under her heels, as evidenced by his groans and her laughter. ORDER NOW

  AP#40 "Trample Dominatrix" Video clips - Members.
Finally, there is something different you can watch. Anaconda brings you a different approach to the well known fetish, "Trampling". This new concept and action make this video very refreshing and unique. We put together the greatest gothic dungeon and superior Mistress to make you fans shiver with anticipation of what is going to happen next. Anaconda style trampling, kicking, and smothering adds to the reality of real domination. Finally, a woman dominates a man, and she really enjoys what she does. There are no gimmicks in this video. We tape the hardest action possible. Mistress Shadyee is one of the most real and mean women. She is dressed in a sexy vinyl outfit and seven inch thigh high boots. ORDER NOW

  AP#39 "Breathless" Video clips - Members.
Both girls take turns smothering and suffocating him. He is just a body subjected to incredible punishment under their asses. The face sitting is long, and they make sure he can't breathe. Then it is time to step on his dick. They grind their heels in, crushing it like a sausage with full on bare foot trampling. These girls proceed to make their slave submit to theirs whims by administering cock abuse, more face sitting, trampling and kicking. "Breathless" is a great video with a lot of smothering and crotch trampling. ORDER NOW

  AP#38 "Ass Mistress" Video clips - Members.
Anita Cannibal is an over sexed victim of her own desires...or is she? It looks more like Chris, her boyfriend is the one who gets victimized by her powerful ass. Anita is a stripper who is trying to show her boyfriend what she does for a living. She starts from a simple lap dance and sexual tease, but all of a sudden something happens to her…and then it starts. She is starting to feel really horny. She ties him up and shoves her ass in his face. "Now you know, what I really do", she says. From this moment, Chris is subjected to a very lengthy face sitting and smothering session, probably the most intense sexual experience of his life. Anita is really enjoying herself. She masturbates through most of the video while sitting with her full weight on his face. VERY HOT! ORDER NOW

  AP#37 "Trample Lesson" Video clips - Members.
There are high heels all the way. Mistress Holly Davidson and Tyler Moore are the most cruel and mean women we've ever filmed. "Crime never pays"...that's what people say, but this one did. Payback was the most intense trampling and kicking extravaganza. This guy committed the crime  and now is the time to pay for it, and he does. These two are the meanest of them all. Trampling and is the only warm up in this video. ORDER NOW

  AP#36 "Heels of Pain" Video clips - Members.
High heels all the way. Beautiful Mistress Eva is the meanest woman you've ever seen on video. She looks like a Barbie doll, but don't let her fool you. She is the meanest of them all. The moment she gets an upper hand she takes it to the limit. Trampling and kicking is the only warm up in this video. She has no limits and it looks like nothing is going to stop her from inflicting damage to the fool who got in her wicked way. Tony suffers intense trampling under the feet of this beauty. She kicks stomps and tramples this poor guy into whimpering nothing. If you are a fan of high heel trampling, this video is an absolute must for you. ORDER NOW

  AP#35 "Geek To Kick" Video clips - Members.
Dave is a little jerk about 4'9" and 100 LB who is trying to get his way with two girls. Mistress Angela and Mistress Devin are not to easy to be threatened by anybody, especially Dave. The two of them quickly go into "Abuse-Mode" and give him a double dose of extreme physical abuse, smothering, various wrestling moves and face sitting. The abuse continues with brutal head crushing, choking and verbal humiliation. He is pushed, kicked and brutally squeezed between Angela's powerful thighs. You can see very clearly that this little guy suffers extreme pain under combine weight of two women. This video contains the greatest forced face sitting and smothering where the victim has no chance to defend himself against bigger and stronger female attackers. VERY REALISTIC! The girls remove their clothes and continue to crush little geek into pancake. There is a delightful scene, which lasts quite long, where Angela is sitting full weight on his face slowly crushing his head under her ass until he almost passes away. "Geek To Kick" is a "10" and very "Anaconda". Enjoy! ORDER NOW






  AP#34 "Open Wide" Video clips - Members.
Mistress Anita Cannibal begins by immobilizing her prey in tight plastic wrap bondage, rendering him helpless to fight back as she begins the lesson he will never forget. Mistress Cannibal torments him with non-stop verbal abuse and degradation as she makes him to worship her body with face sit smothering like you've never seen before. She grinds his pathetic face deep into her ass again and again, crushes his head between her powerful thighs and smothers him beyond the point of no return. The face sitting and smothering is non-stop as she continues her humiliating verbal assault. ORDER NOW

  AP#33 "Shoe Show Trample" Video clips - Members.
Tony finds himself on the wrong end of some punishing trampling, smothering face-sitting, foot worship and kicking as these ladies explore his limits in a full hour of non-stop action. They become bored when Tony can no longer muster the strength even to beg for mercy, so they decide to have a little fashion show featuring their extensive collection of spike heeled pumps and boots. How sweet ... too bad for Tony they need a Catwalk to use and he's it! The show seems to go on forever as they trample up and down on his poor abused body, leaving trails of little red spike marks behind with each pass - Ouch! Tony's face and mouth are put to good use, buffing and shining each pair of shoes as needed, which means plenty of pointy toes and spiked heels deep into his mouth. ORDER NOW

  AP#32 "Pass Out Game" Video clips - Members.
Two women play the "Pass Out Game" with Walter. Lovely Angela and blond Christiana. Angela looks delightfully dangerous in her black skimpy outfit as she walks and jumps all over him. They both kick him with full force and jump on his body like they want to crush every bone in his body. These girls play the pass out game very well and very hard. You will witness the most severe double head crushing where two women stand full weight on Walter's upturned face for an amazingly long time. Never done before by anybody until now, you can see this almost 300 pound crush on this ANACONDA tape. There is very good action and very good trampling with high heels and bare feet. ORDER NOW

  AP#31 "Mistress Rules" Video clips - Members.
Angela mesmerizes Tony with her super sexy red garters and spiked high heels, binding him with rope before proceeding with 60 full minutes of utter domination, including massive trampling, foot and ass worship, suffocating face-sitting, verbal humiliation and kicking and slapping. You will know his suffering is quite real as he groans pathetically under a full weight face-stand. You will see his submission is absolute as he willingly accepts her sweaty foot crammed deep into his mouth, helpless to resist her. You will understand his complete devastation as he slowly suffocates under the full weight of Mistress Angela's perfect ass. ORDER NOW

  AP#30 "Trample Tyrant" Video clips - Members.
What follows can only be described as a lesson in sheer terror - Angela grinds her vicious heels into Tony's flesh, practically shredding his silly stocking mask. Not satisfied, she continues with face slapping, intense verbal humiliation, trampling and her trademark face-sitting. Poor Tony is reduced to a whimpering human pin-cushion by those evil spikes as he struggles for each gasping breath. ORDER NOW








  AP#29 "Gasper - Part 2" Video clips - Members.
Each time Ralph seems near the point of no return, they bring him back with  cock & ball punishment, allowing him a few quick gasps of air in between his screams and pleas for mercy. They use and abuse his poor face as a sexual object again and again, forcing him to smother as they grind his face deeper and deeper into oblivion. When his muffled cries become annoying, they respond by gagging his mouth with rope and cloth, further reducing his ability to breathe under the crushing weight of their asses and pussies. FULL NUDE forward and reverse face-sitting, and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. ORDER NOW

  AP#28 "Trample Time" Video clips - Members.
Mean and sexy are two words that would best describe the cheater's wife. She kicks, stomps, and hurts the guy with all her might and will. Two women join forces to degrade and punish the cheating man. The action is real and non-stop with face sitting, kicking, trampling, kneeing, hair pulling, slapping, gouging and the other harsh actions by two sexy women. He is lowered to the floor on his back. The two of them stand on his chest and gouge him with their high heels and boots. His squirming efforts are futile. This video is one of the best high heels trampling videos with non-stop action. ORDER NOW

  AP#27 "Gasper" Video clips - Members.
You've never seen brutal non-stop forward and reverse face smothering like this before! Ralph is overpowered and  to serve as a couch, gasping for air under the combined weight of two grinding asses that completely muffle his cries. Things take a distinct S&M twist as both his hands and feet are shackled and he is subjected to cock & ball punishment, all the while being face-sat relentlessly by this merciless pair of smothering vixens. The face-sitting, humiliation goes on & on, with Ralph's squashed face forced to bear the full weight of both ladies many times. These smother goddesses are never satisfied, making him to endure every face-sitting position imaginable. ORDER NOW

  AP#26 "Squash & Smother" Video clips - Members.
This is it. Your fantasy is fulfilled. A short guy five feet tall is dominated by two big voluptuous women. His name is Dave. He is a newcomer in Anaconda Videos. Well, it's his mistake. Mistress Cannibal is about 5'10 and 160 lbs., and Mistress Christiana is 5'9 and 150 lbs. They both are big and well endowed women. He isn't much to dominate. His weak body is completely at the mercy of these two over sexed girls who want to give him the lesson of his life. "Never fuck with someone bigger than you are". He is a cheap photographer trying to take advantage of two models…big mistake. You have seen face sitting, but you haven't seen a man's face swallowed by a big female ass. ORDER NOW

  AP#25 "Face Riders" Video clips - Members.
Face Riders is one-of-a-kind. This is one you will never forget, and will always come back to. Witness the nastiness and sexuality of two gorgeous women using all of their female assets to dominate and humiliate a guy. Face-sitting, smothering, kicking, spitting, and slapping is just the beginning. The poor man is to perform the most disgusting duty ever done on the video. "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah", they scream as the two of them double squash and smother him into ...... You will see his cheeks puff as they fart in his unwilling mouth. ORDER NOW

  AP#24 "No Mercy" Video clips - Members.
This video contains sixty minutes of unmatched action of fast and hard wrestling. It involves two skilled female wrestlers against one out of shape guy. In this video Kristie and Christine put John to the test and he will never forget it. Kristie, 5'6, 160 lbs. and Christine, 5'5, 135 lbs. deliver a great performance. They use every possible hold on John, from crushing head scissors to suffocating face sitting, punching, kicking and squeezing. These powerful females dominate the entire match. John tries very hard to defend himself from his attackers. He fights back as much as he can, but these two prove that they know how to wrestle. They also know what to do with their legs and asses as they smother him into submission. Both women delight in dominating and humiliating John until he is not able to fight anymore... ORDER NOW

  AP#23 "Squeezed and Smothered" Video clips - Members.
Finally Anaconda delivers a real wrestling video. You will witness a fight between one guy and two women. Kristie, 5'6, 160 lbs. of female fighting fury and Casey, 5'5, 145 lbs. team up against Walter in this no holds barred video. The outrageous redheads turn into mean cold-blooded fighters. Their powerful asses and legs are used with practiced cruelty to humiliate and devastate the foolish man who was brave enough to challenge them. They both prove to be too much for Walter, as they sit all over his face in triumph. This is a great video with fast, real action. Grinding face sitting, smothering, punching and crushing scissors are finally used to overwhelm the struggling Walter. Long double face sitting ends this unfair match. This video is a must for everybody who likes real wrestling... ORDER NOW

  AP#22 "Face My Ass" Video clips - Members.
"Face My Ass" is a very intense face sitting, smothering video. Slave Bob is put through a breathtaking ordeal by two beautiful vixens. Mistress Nicole and Mistress Tabitha deliver the most spectacular performance. Slave Bob suffers under the crushing weight of two Fem-Dom's. They trample him under their feet and smother them with never ending face sitting. Bob's laziness has become intolerable and he must be punished. They take turns smothering him with their crotches. Both girls face-sit and reverse face-sit the slave, forcing his nose deep into their asses. He knows there is no way out. You can hear him heave and gasp for breath. Tabitha locks his head between her thighs, then smothers him with fierce front and rear face sitting. He is a perfect slave for ass smothering, foot trampling and verbal humiliation. ORDER NOW







  AP#21 "Sado-Workout" Video clips - Members.
A gym owner makes a fatal mistake. He hides clothes from two beautiful girls who didn't pay the gym's fee. After a long day of working out they are tired and sweaty, and now they are furious. They take their revenge out on the poor guy. He is forced onto the floor, and the two girls begin to punish him with their feet and thighs; they use him as a foot rug. Their sneakers dig and crush into his stomach and chest, and all is real. He is helpless. His efforts to avoid submitting to their crushing weight on his chest and stomach are to no avail. He can't breathe as the two use their feet and sweaty crotches to cover his face and deprive him of air. A manager walks in on the humiliating ordeal, and for a moment it looks like the guy might be rescued. The girls have other plans, however, and the manager too is wrestled to the floor and forced to submit. For an hour, in non-stop action, the girls use these guys as punching bags. High heel trampling and heel digging goes on and on... ORDER NOW







  AP#20 "Blind Date Victim" Video clips - Members.
The action starts immediately. He is easily overpowered. Trampling, face sitting, kicking, and punching change his attitude for good. Both girls enjoy crushing little Noel. They jump up and down on him until he is crying for mercy, but there is no mercy for the poor guy. Each of them could easily beat him up, but the two of them are simply too much. How much punishment he can take? They don't care how much they are hurting him. The girls are having fun and they look like they really like what they are doing. Noel is humiliated and exhausted.








  AP#19 "Trample Revenge" Video clips - Members.
You can compare the 5'0 little Noel to Jacqueline, who is over 6'1. The size difference leaves Jacqueline with an unfair advantage. She is there to get him and she knows she will enjoy this. Trampling, crushing, and smothering are the methods she is using to punish short Noel. He is very sensitive and can't take much of the abuse she wants to inflict upon him. You will witness one of most amazing tales of a woman who is bigger and stronger than her partner. Trampling, crushing, and smothering never ends.








  AP#18 "Man Crusher" Video clips - Members.
She is the biggest and the tallest, and she is mean. Mistress Jacqueline is 6'1 and weighs over 170 lb. On top of that, she really enjoys crushing skinny Walter under her tremendous weight. She tramples his body like you've never seen before. You will see Walter's chest cave in under the extreme pressure of his captor's weight. The poor guy is exposed to trampling, stomping, kicking and smothering. This is high heel trampling, bare feet trampling, face sitting and domination of the bigger and stronger female over the shorter male taken to the edge of insanity. She stands on his face with both feet crushing his head into the floor. ORDER NOW








  AP#17 "Cruel Woman" Video clips - Members.
Tall and sexy Mistress Star is very disappointed because her boyfriend betrayed her. Walter is a real asshole, and she is really pissed. This time there is no excuse he can come up with to save his ass. There will be no more bull shit from his mouth. " Now you are going to pay for it," she yells. The six foot tall beauty has no problem with pulverizing her boyfriend until he starts to cooperate, but this is not enough for furious Star. After catching him with his pants down from cheating on her, she wants to punish him so he can remember forever. She wrestles him down and starts trampling his body with her high heels. She jumps on Walter like he was a trampoline.








  AP#16 "Ass Ambush" Video clips - Members.
The five mistresses smother, face sit, and trample John throughout the entire video. Each of them adds something new and different to increase his punishment and humiliation. You will witness five dominant women crushing one guy under their combined weight. When the mistresses sit and stand on his head and the rest of his body, breathing becomes impossible for Slave John. Double and triple face sitting must be a really horrible experience for John. Imagine four hundred pounds crushing your head. The pain and lack of oxygen make John panic. He struggles to get out, but he can't. The five women are enough to hold him down. He is completely unable to fight back. This video is all about smothering and crushing punishment inflicted by five women on one guy.








  AP#15 "Maid For Punishment" Video clips - Members.
Action starts immediately. He is easily overpowered. Trampling, face sitting, kicking, and smothering change his attitude for good. Both girls enjoy crushing short Noel. They jump up and down on him until he cries for mercy, but there is no mercy for the poor guy. Each of them could easily beat him up, but both of them are simply too much. How much punishment can he take? They don't care how much they're hurting him. The girls are having fun, and they look like they are really enjoying what they are doing. It is way more fun than cleaning. Noel is humiliated and exhausted.








  AP#14 "License To Kick" Video clips - Members.
Star is a very mean woman, and she can really kick hard. She is determined to trample him in every possible way. She tramples Noel under her full weight wearing high heels. His begging for mercy does nothing to her. To shut him up she face sits him with passion. Noel is a short guy, and he can't defend himself against his big attacker. Star is six feet tall and very strong. Star looks like she can crush Noel, who is only five feet tall, into a pancake without any effort.








  AP#13 "Trampling Extravaganza" Video clips - Members.
This video will give you the pleasure of viewing the best and most intense footage you have ever seen. Porsche Lynn and Star Chandler are just the start of a list of names which include the best of the best. Add the rest of the names to the list and you have the best trampling, kicking, face sitting, and smothering. You don't want to miss on this one. This is about five women trampling, face sitting, and crushing a guy until he looks like a pancake. This is something you don't want to miss. There is trampling, high heels, and kicking throughout the entire video. You will think these girls are crazy, but they are not. They are mean as hell, and they want to prove it.








  AP#12 "Crushing Orgy" Video clips - Members.
He gets squished, face-sat, trampled, stomped on, jumped on, and completely smothered. To complete his misery these two girls simply put him out like a cigarette. What you will see are two beautiful girls smothering and stomping the crap out of this poor man. Finally somebody notices what is going on…it's the owner of the place. This is bad luck for both of them. The owner is a short guy, maybe five feet tall. He is no match for these girls. He talks shit and they don't like it. Punishment comes very quickly. One of the girls jumps out of the bed to take care of the intruder. In this video, the action is very hot and the women are beautiful. To make it complete, they are mean and have no mercy. There is stomping, crushing and smothering to the end; it never stops…




  AP#11 "Cross Dress Beating" Video clips - Members.
WARNING! To all trample and crush fans: This is the corporal punishment, cross dressing, spanking and humiliation video, but it does not contain trampling and crushing ANACONDA STYLE. It contains the ultimate fantasy of a man who wants to be feminized, humiliated and treated like the worst whore by strong Mistresses. Gorgeous Mistress Klarins and Mistress Shelly show no mercy to the poor slave. He is stripped naked, hog-tied and spanked until his ass is fire red. He cries and begs them to stop, but these two beautiful Mistresses don't listen to him, and continue to whip the crap out of him.




  AP#10 "Face Sitters" Video clips - Members.
John is the main attraction for tonight. These girls mean business. They want to fulfill the fantasy. They want him to smother to the ..., but they take time to do it. To make them happy takes time. John is put through a smothering, face-sitting ordeal. You would think this guy couldn't survive five minutes of this intense smothering and crushing, but he lasts for almost an hour before he finally gives up. He chooses darkness over suffering. If you are a face-sitting, forced foot worship, smothering fan, this video is especially tailored to your fantasy.



  AP#9 "Step On Party" Video clips - Members.
Walter is wrestled to the floor. He is trying to fight back, but has no chance. They are stronger than he is. Pinned down, he gets trampled, crushed, stomped and smothered. He doesn't last for too long. One of the girls squeezes his neck too hard between her thighs and it's all over. They try to pull him out of their apartment, but they get caught by Walter's friend who just came to visit. They have no choice, but to get rid of the witness. Now is "party" time. Crushing , smothering, and destroying, goes on and on until Walter's friend won't be able to tell...




  AP#8 "Smother Down Under" Video clips - Members.
Again, Slave John has gotten himself in trouble and this time it is serious. Overpowered and subdued, John is forced to worship his Mistresses, but these three super- sexy girls are not easy to please. They want it all including ass worship and foot sucking for their complete satisfaction. He tries his best, but it is not enough. They just cannot be satisfied so John pays dearly for his failure. All three put him through a one hour lesson that he will never forget. Pinned down so he can't escape and all he can see is one ass after another lowering down on his upturned face to smother him to the point of unconsciousness. He is trampled, face-sat and forced to perform the most disgusting armpit licking of his life. You will wonder how he breathes. We don't know, but we do know that if you like smothering face-sitting, crushing, trampling, forced foot worship, and extreme humiliation under beautiful female asses, this video is for you! ORDER NOW








  AP#7 "Trample Prison - Part 2" Video clips - Members.
Here is the breathtaking continuation of the most brutal trampling, crushing, smothering video ever made, "Trample Prison" (AP#5). This time you will witness the interrogation of the friend of Slave Speed bump whom you know from the previous release, and Warden Karins knows exactly what she wants from him. She sends her sadistic crew to get the vital information and this time they are not so patient. Their extreme brutality makes the prisoner talk which is his big mistake. Now they don't need him anymore and satisfied guards want to play. They are not careful with the little man and he expires quickly. ORDER NOW




  AP#6 "Poke Heel Healing" Video clips - Members.
"NAUGHTY NURSE"....That's what you will think about in this video which is very different from the others. Nurse Angela is NOT the nurse from your fantasies....she comes straight from your nightmares! How could a nurse who is suppose to help you suddenly give you a trampling, crushing, face-sitting nightmare? Yes! You are in for a wild ride with a nurse who has no scruples. She enjoys her work and has met her perfect victim....his name is Joe. He is helpless and very uncooperative. Dressed in full nurse uniform and sexy red shoes, she looks very professional and convincing, but what she does to the poor patient would surprise anybody. High heel trampling, face sitting, stomping, full body crushing, forced foot worship continues throughout the entire video. Instead of TLC she delivers pain and suffering beyond belief. Next time Joe calls for a nurse he had better check her references! ORDER NOW




  AP#5 "Trample Prison" Video clips - Members.
This is it!...Prison madness. Three female guards as they mutilate a helpless prisoner. No excuse, no surrender. Ultimate fantasy that you can really enjoy. The prisoner spills out what they are looking for, but it isn't enough. They want more. These Fem guards are out for blood. Vicious, mean and completely heartless as they go about their business....and they LOVE it! Trampling never ends. Kicking and stomping are out of this world, and the face-sitting is intoxicatingly, suffocating delightful. Warden Klarins gave them a very strict order, "Get the information or suffer!". These girls have carte blanche to do whatever they have to do to get the information they need. Do you think Warden Klarins hired the right girls or not? This tape will deliver the most amazing prison interrogation fantasy to all of you who are really into Femdom. Here is the action you have searched for holds barred Femdon at its best! ORDER NOW







  AP#4 "Three Brutal Babes" Video clips - Members.
They enjoy trampling, kicking, punching and crushing the little guy for their own sexual perverse. They show no mercy to him despite his crying and begging. "Crawl faster" they yell, but he can't. He is crippled and helpless, so they kick and stomp him. Noel is scared. You can see panic in his eyes. He knows he has met his fate. This action is so intense, that it is almost unreal. The trampling, smothering, and face-sitting never ends. Humiliation is pushed to the limit when the girls put him under a special chair...or is it a ****?




  AP#3 "Crush Him Flat" Video clips - Members.
Brutal, sadistic, inhuman.... YES, these words describe the essence of this video. You will witness the most severe punishment that beautiful Angela (whom you know and love from IBN Fetish Videos) can inflict on drunken Walter. "You said you were going to quit drinking", she hisses. She is furious and there is no stopping her. She kicks, stomps, and punches helpless Walter with fury and brutality that you have never witnessed before. She is there to get him and the trampling never ends with her high heels pounding his helpless body until he is begging for mercy. But there is no mercy as Angela tramples poor Walter with all her weight, digs her high heels into his bare body, crushes his head under her feet. She jumps heavily on his chest, kicks and face slaps him with all her might. She ties his hands and delivers some of the most devastating stomps and kicks that would take anybody's breath away. The action never stops as this exotic beauty shows you a new meaning to female domination. Does Walter survive or doesn't he? You will find out. This is the best action ever, and only ANACONDA can deliver it for your viewing pleasure. ORDER NOW

  AP#2 "High Heel Terror" Video clips - Members.
Action starts fast with her high heels crushing his bare body. She calls her two assistants and teaches them the art of trampling. What can be a better teaching prop than a doormat? Mistress Cannibal and Mistress Taboo learn quickly how to crush their little slave. The three of them trample him using their full weight with high heels on. The slave tries to complain to Mistress Angela, but she shuts him down with smothering face-sitting. There is no more complying. Half smothered, he doesn't resist any more. The three Mistresses trample him their spiked heels, smothering him and humiliating him beyond belief. At one point Mistress Angela jumps on his chest using a jump rope like she is on a playground.





  AP#1 "Gasping For Air"  Video clips - Members.
!"Gasping for Air" is the most intense face-sitting, smothering video ever. Slave Bob is put through a breathtaking ordeal by three beautiful vixens. Mistress Brittany Andrews, Mistress Angela and Mistress Chelsea deliver their most spectacular performances. Slave Bob suffers under the crushing weight of three sadistic Femdoms. They trample him underfoot, smother him with never-ending face-sitting, and scissor his weakening body to the point that he blacks out. Mistress Chelsea wraps her strong legs around his neck while the other two double- face-sit him. He can't breathe and starts to panic, but there is no way out. The combined weight of the three women exceed 450 lbs. Does he survive or doesn't he? You will find out as you enjoy this "must" video for real face- sitting and trampling fans. ENJOY! ORDER NOW








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